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True wireless Bluetooth earbuds is hot on market in 2017 from CES

Posted on 15 January 2017

Compared to the ever-changing mobile phone industry, headset  "innovation" is obviously at a slower pace. However, headphones affect our experiences deeply on its tiny changes.

Buy headphones = enjoy music.What changes will be in 2017 of bluetooth headphones. I share you one of the point  from this years' CES .

TWS,true wireless Bluetooth earbuds will be more and more on the market.

Nowadays, when we talk about "wireless earbuds", it is almost equivalent to the "Bluetooth headset" concept.

The present bluetooth earbuds is only connect to smartphone via bluetooth,we call it "wireless". However,there's cable between the right and left year.

The TWS,true wireless bluetooth earbuds is cordless. the battery,bluetooth chip,microphone are built into earbuds cavity. 

In 2017 there are some large brands showing tws at CES,let take a look together.

LIZN true wireless headset



Sony's true wireless headset prototype


At present, the advantage and disadvantage for true wireless bluetooth headset are obvious.

It's without the cables winded worries, it will be more easier to wear, more comfortable. But the true wireless bluetooth headphone is very easy to lose. The standby time is short than normal bluetooth headset. That's why true wireless with a protective box and charge base is a must.



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